Our Water Purification Process

Aquarite water originates from the ground and is pumped out into a treatment tank. From there begins the magic of transforming the water taken from the ground to make it safe to drink.

  1. In the treatment tanks, two chemical solutions are added to the water simultaneously through automated means to treat the water.  The solutions are caustic soda that enables the correction of the PH level of the raw water, and calcium hypochlorite, that adds chlorine to the water to disinfect it from microorganisms.
  2. The water then proceeds towards the filters. The first filter is the sand filter where any particles and sediments are trapped and removed.
  3. After this, the carbon filter gets activated removing any leftover chlorine so that the water doesn’t taste or smell of chlorine.
  4. The water then goes through the 5-micron filter, the 1-micron filter, and finally the 0.45-micron filter. These filters get rid of extremely small particles
  5. After this, the water is then processed further by ultraviolet light. This light destroys any residual microorganisms that may have slipped through.
  6. The next step in the purification process is reverse osmosis to reduce the amount of total dissolved solids in the water that purifies the water even further.
  7. The last step in the purification process is ozonisation to disinfect the water.
  8. After the treatment process, the water is now ready to drink and so flows to the bottling and packaging room.

Throughout the treatment process, the water is continuously tested to ensure that the quality is maintained and the water is safe to be consumed.

The water is tested using two forms of tests, physicochemical and microbiological tests. These are performed routinely at designated control points throughout the production process. This ensures that the water is compliant with the Nigerian industrial standard, NAFDAC, and the Ministry of Health and hence safe for drinking. 


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