The Importance of Hydration

Water makes about 70-80% of a person’s body. Every cell in your body requires water to be able to function properly and remain healthy. Not only does water quench our thirst but it also aids in carrying nutrients and oxygen around the body.


The Benefits of Drinking Water

Flushes Out Toxins From the Body
Drinking water helps to get rid of waste which can cause infections and be harmful for the body.


Our Water Purification Process

Aquarite water originates from the ground and is pumped out into a treatment tank. From there begins the magic of transforming the water taken from the ground to make it safe to drink.


Nutrition Tips

1. It is important to eat at least 5 portions of fruit and vegetables a day for a healthy diet.

2. Drinks with a lot of sugar should not be had on a regular basis.


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